Sarah Beth Martin
Sarah Beth (Rem) Martin, penname sbr martin, is the author of "in wake of water," a work of contemporary fiction available for purchase on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and theartistsorchard.com.
Martin was bred, born and raised in Pittsburgh. She attended the University of Pittsburgh for undergraduate studies, graduating cum laude with a bachelor of science in psychology. Her writing abilities were recognized with an English Composition Award for a piece that she had written in an undergraduate Legal Writing course. Martin stayed at the University of Pittsburgh to attend law school and graduated cum laude again in May 2004. While in Pitt Law, she was asked to join the Journal of Law and Commerce and was later appointed to its editorial board as Lead Managing Editor. Her student-written piece, "Reconstructing Texas’ Construction Industry: A Note on Centex Homes v. Buecher (22 J.L. & Comm. 99)," was selected for publication in the Journal of Law and Commerce and was reprinted in Albert Dib’s 2003/2004 Legal Handbook For Architects, Engineers & Contractors. Martin was invited to speak at the 54th annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, where she presented a paper on the differences between undergraduate and legal writing, likening the transition between the two to Sigmund Freud’s stages of psychosexual development. She was included in the 2004 edition of Who’s Who: American Law Students. Her research efforts were recognized with an acknowledgement in the preface section of James Flannery’s book, The Glass House Boys of Pittsburgh. Martin holds many degrees and other achievements; though, nowadays, she mostly holds her children.  She is married to Matthew Martin, a Pittsburgh-based deejay and musician, and together, they proudly parent their daughters, Maggie and Emmi.
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