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I am a baseball fan for more reasons than there is space here to explain. And for the Dodgers because they did more for civil rights in America than any other team in any sport. I love classical music and crochet during committee meetings. I love hot weather and Birkenstocks, tee shirts and shorts. Cookies and French fries should be crispy. Dinner plates should be warmed. Working in my garden is restorative. And so is playing with children. I am a progressive who does not believe that anyone has a corner on truth. America needs a well-regulated capitalism more than a well-regulated militia. I believe that progress comes from people working together as a community. Rugged American individualism is usually smug and often wrong. I can learn from everyone but also have an animating urge to share my opinions. Writing is a good way to organize and clarify thinking so that's what I do when I think I have something to say.
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