Who is Nazareth's "Greatest Person"?

A new series will seek out people in Nazareth who make a difference.

Next month, Nazareth Patch will start running a series of feature stories profiling people who make a difference in the Nazareth area.

They won't be public officials, or really anyone whose name you see in the news on a regular basis, but rather, ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

It's part of a Patch-wide project called the "Greatest Person of the Day," which is being done in cooperation with our sister publication, the Huffington Post.

Looking over coverage from other sites, I see a woman who works to stop sex trafficking in Virginia, a Georgia college student who started a charity for tornado victims (and got the notice of Taylor Swift), and a four-year-old boy in Iowa who saved his mom's life.

So yeah, the bar has been set kind of high, but I know the Nazareth area has these kind of stories to tell. And if you're lucky, that story will make it to the Huffington Post.

If you know of someone who fits the bill, send your nomination to mallory.vough@patch.com. Or, if you'd like, contact me via Twitter @NazarethPatch, or post something to our Facebook wall. If none of those options work for you, call me at (610) 390-9770.


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