Nazareth Area Students Graduate from NCC

More than 800 Northampton Community College students -- including 43 Nazareth students -- were honored for their hard work and dedication at a commencement ceremony held on Thursday.

held a commencement ceremony on Thursday, May 24, for 888 students who completed associate degrees, specialized diplomas and certificates during the spring semester. Another 755 students graduated in August and December, making the Class of 2012 the largest in Northampton’s history, according to a press release.

For a full report on the graduation, which included a speech by , go to this report on LehighValleyLive.com.

The hometown students who graduated this spring are:

Key to Abbreviations:
AA – Associate in Arts
AS – Associate in Science
AAS – Associate in Applied Science
CERT – Certificate
SD – Specialized Diploma


Danielle Bercy, SD
Jason Bok, AAS, AAS
Cortneyann Butz, AAS
Alicia Cabrera, AS
Nicholas Carbonneau, AAS
Amanda Carey, AAS
Vanessa Childs, AA
Jennifer Chobin, AA
Jake Cleary, AA
Robert Cleary, AAS
Jillian Collins, AA
Kassondra Eeckhoudt, AAS
Beverly Fatebene, AAS
Elizabeth Gallagher, AAS
Lora Gum, AAS
Joseph Hart, AAS
Brittani Heffner, AAS
Julie Horn, AA
Carla Horner, SD
Siobhan Jones, AA
Davin Jurgensen, AA
Rebecca Kalapay, SD
Gary Kershner, AAS
Cory Ketterer, AAS
Paul Kleckner, AA
Cory Koehler, AA
Eliot Lerch, AA
James Maher, AS
Christine McGrath, SD
Elyse Mineo, SD
Elizabeth Nixon, AA
Joseph Oblick, AA
Jennifer Reed, AAS
Cassondra Sandt, SD
Susan Scheurer, AA
Donald Seiple, AA
Dalia Shehata, AA
Bradley Sidor, AA
Allison Spirk, AA
Brittany Steidel, AAS
Michael Van Scoten, SD
Beth Wilson, AA
Jacquelyn Winkleston, AAS


Christopher Marsh, AAS
Sara Snyder, AAS


Albert Arthofer, SD
Zachary Bittner, AAS
Katlyn Carl, AA
Casey Drexler, SD
Christopher Duff, AAS
Jennifer Garces, AA
James Haddad, AA
Jennie Harris, AAS
Nathan Herb, AAS
Jonathan Kearns, SD
Timothy Lesperance, AA
Jason Merker, AAS
Athena Metz, AAS
Laura Molfetta, AAS
Alexandra Overholt, AAS
Allison Smith, SD
Jessica Soellner, AA
Frank Spaits, AAS
Nikki Szemenyei-Guidon, AAS
Cory Treichler, AAS
Matthew Yankovich, AAS

Wind Gap

Cortney Houston, AAS
Kevin Kitzhoffer, AA
Lisa Little, SD
Nicholas McPhee, AAS
James Mendoza, AAS
Heather Neyhart, AAS
Adam Pantofel, AAS
Nicole Parry, AAS
Victoria Rundle, AAS
Laura Smith, AAS
Mary Trumbauer, AA


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