Meet Nazareth's "Whiz Kid" Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith excels in music, sports and academia, while also giving back to his church and community.

"Whiz Kid" Facts:

Name: Jordan Smith


School Honors:

  • Ranked eighth in his class
  • National Honor Society
  • High Honor roll

School Awards:

  • At the 2010 Fall Sports Awards Ceremony, he was the golf Scholar Athlete award winner.
  • For the past four years, he was named in the top 25 at the Academic Awards Ceremony held each May.
  • He received the Choral Arts Scholarship from , where he plans to attend college.

School Activities:

  • Member of chorus for three years
  • Member of the "Chorale," the select vocal ensemble, for four years
  • Participated in District Chorus, Regional Chorus and All-State Chorus -- three years each

School Sports:

  • Varsity baseball for four years and the recipient of three varsity letters
  • Golf for four years and the recipient of two varsity letters

Community Activities:

  • Community summer baseball – Connie Mack Baseball League, American Legion and other various tournaments.
  • In 2010, he was chosen to play on the Lehigh Valley Carpenter Cup baseball team, which is sponsored by the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • Helps with landscaping and other work at the Angel Field in Bushkill Township for the Angel 34 Foundation.

Church Activities:

  • Plays piano when needed at  and at .
  • Sings in the men’s vocal ensemble when needed at Schoeneck Moravian Church.

"Whiz Kid" Key to Awesomeness:

Jordan Smith can’t remember a time when he wasn’t fascinated with music. His father, Dennis, is a music teacher and introduced his son to the arts at an early age. When he was a fourth-grader, Jordan began singing in choirs and soon began taking piano lessons at the age of 8.

Fast forward to 2011, a mere 16 days away from graduation.

Jordan and one of his good friends, , were the only two students from Nazareth to ever participate in three All-State festivals -- Jordan the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association All-State Chorus, Tanzos the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association All-State Wind Ensemble.

“My experiences at States have been absolutely incredible,” Jordan explained. “It was awesome to have the 240 best high school singers in Pennsylvania together at once to put on one amazing concert.”

At each festival, according to Jordan, he enjoyed getting to know the conductor -- someone you can always learn from.

“I wouldn't be the musician I am today without having participated in these festivals – they have honestly been life-changing,” he said.

One of Jordan's fondest memories of States was from the 2010 festival in Pittsburgh. The choir was treated to a performance by the all-male, 10-member group known as Straight No Chaser, which, for Jordan, was “an incredible concert."

Jordan doesn’t have one singer that inspires him, but many -- an entire chorus, actually.

“Singing in a choir and shaping a piece of music into a special work of art is my motivation and inspiration for doing music,” he explained.

In addition to music, Jordan has excelled in athletics and academics.

Athletically, Jordan is most proud of making the Lehigh Valley Carpenter Cup baseball team, and of being a 2010 District 11 qualifier in golf.  

Academically, he is most proud of staying in the top 10 in his class throughout high school, and of being accepted to his top school of choice, Lehigh University.

Jordan doesn’t intend to major or minor in music at Lehigh, but still plans to participate in the music programs.

So what does Jordan intend to major in? Chemical engineering.

Did we forget to mention he loves the sciences, especially chemistry, physics and calculus?



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