Jacob Allen Vows to Continue Public Service After Election Loss

Jacob Allen, 19, who lost in Tuesday's election, plans school board bid in 2013.

is not done with politics or public service just yet.

Allen, a 19-year-old (NCC) student who was appointed to the Nazareth School Board in June, will be leaving the board -- at least for now -- next month, to board in Tuesday's election.

Allen, a Bushkill Township resident and a 2011 graduate of , shared his thoughts with Patch on his current and future plans.

1. Have you enjoyed your time on the board? Was your experience what you expected? What did you learn from the experience and what do you have to say about your fellow board members?

Yes, my time on the board was an enjoyable experience that taught me a lot about what the school board does outside of the public meetings. My fellow board members are a great group of individuals who really care about the district for all stakeholders.

2. Do you plan to run for school board or other elective office again? If so, do you have a timetable, so to speak?

Yes, I plan to make a bid for election to Nazareth School Board in 2013 and possibly in the future (10 years or so) run for Bushkill Township supervisor or Northampton County Council.

3. What are you majoring in at college and what are your plans post-NCC?

At NCC, I am focusing on General Studies but plan to focus in the future on political science. I am unsure of my future after NCC, but will continue to devote my time throughout my life to serving my community.

4. How do you plan to fill the long hours that you have devoted to school board duties the past five months?

After Nov. 30, I plan to return to a church group meeting that I have not attended since May and will continue to attend -- at minimum -- one public school board meeting a month. I will also spend more time with my families who have seen less of me since my appointment to school board.

Chris Miller November 10, 2011 at 06:10 PM
I wish Mr. Allen the best. I am particulaly happy to see that he is concerned with the way the money is spent in the district. Currently we are seeing a trend nation wide of an increase in staff while there is a drop in the number of students. At the moment Pennsylvania is spending $13,000 per year per student. Home owners are now looking at increase property taxes from all local bodies of government and the school taxes are the highest. As a conservative and newly elected school board member I too will be looking at how our money is spent. I am happy to see that Mr. Allen will be a colleague in the next election.


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