Tell Us: Are We a Nation of Wusses?

Former Pa. Governor Ed Rendell says we've become a "Nation of Wusses"

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has a new book out proclaiming that the United States has become a "Nation of Wusses."

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Have our leaders lost the guts to make us great?

Rendell's book combines anecdotes from his storied career as a district attorney, mayor and governor with criticisms of high-profile politicians and the country's seeming inability to confront and solve chronic problems, according to this report.

A Morning Call Q&A with Rendell quotes him as saying he wrote the book for two reasons:

"One was to give people a sense of the challenge and fun that exists in public life even though the frustrations and challenges and disappointments are a great part of what you go through in public service. I wanted people to get a sense of the pure unadulterated fun you can have."

Rendell's musings range from calling animals such as racehorse Smarty Jones "infinitely brave" to declaring that U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan is not a wuss but that he is "nuts" in his views on the federal budget.

Rendell says the electoral college should be dismantled and that he will enthusiastically serve as campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton if she decides to run for president again.

Here's what's being said - good and bad - about Rendell's book.

louis kootsares June 19, 2012 at 01:27 PM
first yes make drugs legal remove the profit and the danger to the public and law officers from robberys trying to get money for drugs now under saddam obahma dictatorship the freedom of speech is being taken away if someone expresses what they are thinking the term racist or bashing appears... boohoo liberals in our schools and sports programs have games where there are no winners... look at our education system parents need to be role models.. teachers as role models?look in the newspapers kiddy porn drugs dating students nd how many of those parasites could handle the real world ..with a real job?or how many did anything that a monkey could not do if it could talk?
moderate Republican June 19, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Part of the problem is, indeed, that many people do have not faced adversity. But a bigger part of the problem is the fact that we have allowed our Two Parties to hold a true monopoly. Of course, they disagree with each other, but there is one thing they agree on 100%: that THEY are in charge. They keep a perfectly legal slush fund for each party (our money) in the form of caucus funds--each party does this, and the fund is huge. Finally a few are going to jail for using employees to campaign. Changing the legalized corruption in Harrisburg will require a change of attitude on our parts.
louis kootsares June 19, 2012 at 02:42 PM
oh there is lots of money and lots of corruption long ago when the reform party wanted to run ex govorners lamb and penny for president and vice president i remarked to a big shot republican money man that we could have 100mil for the campaign kinda bragging humpf he said the party is young if it succeeds it will improve that busted my balloon just how much monet did the other 2 partys have
Logical Libertarian June 20, 2012 at 02:45 PM
I think it takes alot of stones for a stalwart member of the Democratic party, who himself has supported so many "social programs" and hand outs, to call us all a nation of wusses. He's helped creat, coddle, caress, and financ the majority of wusses in our country.
Dana Grubb June 20, 2012 at 09:09 PM
One thing is for sure, we're no longer the nation that fought like h*ll to preserve freedom and liberty and defeat tyranny in World War II. Blame it on the politicians if you want, but we the people elect them. Of course, the options we're often given in the way of candidates leaves a lot to be desired.


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