Spring Brook Drainage Problem to be Fixed

Upper Nazareth Township and Nazareth Borough will work together to fix stormwater runoff issues at Spring Brook Terrace.

Upper Nazareth Township and Nazareth Borough will work to fix stormwater runoff problems near the cul-de-sac, Upper Nazareth supervisors said on Wednesday.

Supervisor Chairman Mike Rinker said that based on a recent meeting of the Borough's Highway Committee, he expects Nazareth to contribute manpower and equipment to assist the Upper Nazareth Public Works Department to install a stormwater basin at the corner of the N. Broad Street Ext. and St. Elmo Street in the Township.

The storm drain will alleviate drainage, runoff and icing problems in the area, especially stormwater runoff into yards and basements in Spring Brook Terrace, according to officials. It will be connected to an existing stormwater drainage system.

The Highway Committee recommended that Nazareth Borough also contribute some funds toward the project, estimated to cost about $10,000 overall, Rinker said. will decide how much funding and resources to contribute, possibly at its next . The borough council also has a workshop scheduled for July 28.

“Everybody is on board,” Rinker said.

Spring Brook Terrace is in Nazareth Borough, across the street from . Much of the stormwater runoff that impacts the cul-de-sac comes from Upper Nazareth Township.

In other business:

Chief Alan Siegfried announced that Nazareth Area School District has agreed to utilize a school resource police officer for the upcoming school year.

meet the first and third Wednesday of each month at the township municipal building, 100 Newport Ave.

93GEO-Metro July 29, 2011 at 11:29 AM
Why should Upper Nazareth Township and Nazareth Borough have to foot the bill on this? The developer that built those homes should be the one to foot the bill. One just needs to look to see where the homes are built, in the valley between two hills, to realize that when it rains heavily there's going to be problems. There was never a problem there before the homes were built.


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