TONIGHT: Meet Congressional Candidates at Tea Party Forum

Candidates for the 15th and 17th congressional districts will participate in a public forum in Palmer Township Friday night.

The Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 Tea Party Group will host a candidate forum on Friday, Oct. 5 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Charles Chrin Community Center of Palmer Township.

Candidates in attendance will include:

  • US Congressional Candidates Charlie Dent (incumbent-R) and Rick Daugherty (D) from the 15th district.

  • US Congressional Candidates Laureen Cummings (R) and Matt Cartwright (D) from the 17th District.

U.S. Senate candidates Sen. Bob Casey (D) and Tom Smith (R) have also been invited to participate but have not confirmed their attendance at the time of this release.

Candidates will take questions from audience members and are free discuss any issues the public would like to address.

“The Lehigh Valley Tea Party strongly believes in a citizenry that engages in government at all levels. We’ve arranged this forum event to allow residents to become more informed about their local representatives and to find ways to keep these politicians as accountable as possible to the people they serve,” said Lehigh Valley Project Tea Party (LVTP) Chairman Barbara Walters.

“As stewards of the government, direct communication with and involvement in our own political system is the best chance we have to preserve individual rights,” Walters continued. “One of our goals as part of the Tea Party movement is to remind legislators about the benefits of individual rights, limited government, reduced spending, and reduced debt—elements that are crucial to our ongoing viability as a nation. The decisions we make in this election will have ramifications not just to our children and our grandchildren, but to the immediate economic environment as well. It is our obligation, then, to demand a conscientious response from our government.”

About The Lehigh Valley Tea Party

The Lehigh Valley Project 9-12/Tea Party Group is a non-profit, non-partisan, pro-active organization, dedicated to the education of our members and citizens about constitutionally limited government and many of the important issues of the day including taxes/spending/debt, healthcare reform, illegal immigration, the Second Amendment, energy policy and more.

Its mission, through community education and public activism, is to restore America through the preservation of unalienable Individual Rights as established by the Declaration of Independence, thereby returning government to the limits placed on it by the Constitutions of the United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Wayne Schissler October 06, 2012 at 02:07 AM
I just came back from this forum and I'd just like to say... Rick Daugherty is a class act. He came into a forum put on by an organization not known for being friendly to the causes he endorses and was received well. I'm not saying he won me over, but he expressed his views with clarity and conviction and you have to respect that. Thanks to redistricting Nazareth, where I reside, is no longer in the 15th district but now in the 17th. For that race Laureen Cummings showed up but her opponent, Matt Cartwright, did not. Not sure what happened there as he was scheduled to appear.
Reaganite October 07, 2012 at 12:47 PM
I love hearing that. The Tea Party folks are so welcoming and respectful of others who may not be of the same thinking. It turns out we are not all a bunch of crazies who want eliminate the discussion, we want to raise the bar. The Tea Party has again proven itself a class act. Kudos to Mr. Daugherty for showing true grit and not drinking the Kool AId, Many people's opinion of him just went up, and that is how you lead people. Share your ideas...convince others, especially those of a different political stripe, that your way is the way to lead.


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