PPL Explains Outages in Lower Nazareth

Lower Nazareth Township manager reports that PPL blamed weather and human error in response to complaint letter about 'chronic' power outages along Newburg Road.

Lower Nazareth Township Manager Timm Tenges told the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday that a PPL representative blamed weather and -- in one case -- human error for a wave of power outages this summer along Newburg Road.  

Tenges’ meeting with PPL was a follow-up to a letter sent to the electric company after the supervisors heard complaints in July about “chronic power outages” from residents in neighborhoods along Newburg Road.

, of the 400 block of Heritage Lane, told the supervisors in July that his neighborhood and a few others seem to suffer outages more often and for longer periods than in nearby communities.  

“If you look down the street from my house, you can see lights in other communities," Young said, adding that local businesses are also impacted by the outages, including the Newburg Inn and Lafayette Bank.

Tenges reported that PPL’s response for some neighborhoods having power while others are in the dark is because they are on different circuits on the grid. Tenges did not say what the human error was that caused one outage. 

He added that PPL stressed that the first line of defense is for residents to report outages immediately.


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