Charlie Dent "Vulnerable" Under New Political Map

Redrawn congressional map changes Charlie Dent's district

Four-term Lehigh Valley Congressman Charlie Dent, a Republican, will see the legislative district he serves change under a new political map - and some say those changes will make him vulnerable to defeat next year.

PoliticsPa ranks Dent fourth in a list of U.S. representatives made vulnerable by redistricting.

Morning Call columnist Bill White says the new gerrymandered congressional district map looks like "somebody holding a crayon had a series of seizures."

For the last 10 years, the 15th district has consisted of all of Northampton County, most of Lehigh County and small parts of Berks and Montgomery Counties. 

Under the new map, the district will extend across five counties from Northampton County to Dauphin County.

The district will include all of Lehigh County and the following parts of Northampton County

  • Bethlehem (Northampton County portion) wards 1 through 9 and 15 through 17
  • Townships: Allen, Bushkill, East Allen, Hanover, Lehigh, Lower Nazareth, Lower Saucon, Williams; the Belfast, Kesslersville and Plainfield Church districts of Plainfield and the west district of Upper Nazareth
  • Boroughs: Bath, Chapman, Hellertown, North Catasauqua, Northampton and Walnutport

The Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley condemned the change as the “disintegration of the Lehigh Valley's political power and cultural, social and economic unity by a state commission with either an errant understanding of theLehighValley, a disregard for the region or some sinister political agenda."

The Reapportionment Commission consists of five representatives: the Pennsylvania House majority caucus, the House minority caucus, the Senate majority caucus and the Senate minority caucus as well as the governor’s office.

Dana Grubb December 19, 2011 at 06:17 PM
Good points all and the saddest part of this is that as educated voters you still end up being disenfranchised because of the two party system and the limited options that you're given. Imagine working very hard at your job everyday and then someone else gets to spend your take-home pay. You'd be mad as a hornet. Well, that's exactly how government operates. It takes your money in the form of taxes paid and does whatever it wants to do with it. Many elected officials do whatever they have to do to get elected, including spending obscene sums of money given by special interests, then do whatever they want to do while elected, and then turn around and spend large sums of money trying to convince you that you really weren't being screwed, to get re-elected. Until enough people with integrity gain elected power, nothing or little will ever change and these kinds of debates will continue ad infinitum.
SWT Resident December 19, 2011 at 07:06 PM
That may be so Dana and you make a very good point. More important to me as an avid political watcher and writer to my elected officials...the voters are beginning to pay more attention to the wrongs that are called out. The next step is to put those new watchers to task and to write to their elected officials and put them on notice. And as we see today with the total grid lock out there...we use our votes to get rid of the dead weight and/or corrupt individuals (if the law does not get them first) and replace them with hopes that we can break that grid lock. This is where we are right now. We have too many politicians in office...we are the most expensive state government of all 50...and our federal government is chocked full of useless overcost departments...just bloated and many of those are 'good ole boy' placements. Time to cull the heard and push for a Constitutional Convention. There are a few elected officials that agree that we need a Convention. Just not enough yet. Sooner or later we will reach the point that we can no longer afford this size of a state and federal govt. But before we do get there...the politicians will rob Peter to pay Paul...in other words, they will cut government employees in an effort to save themselves and the taxpayers will suffer.
Carl W December 21, 2011 at 07:02 AM
Look on the bright side - maybe he'll get Guam !!! :-)
Frank Gadek January 11, 2012 at 12:06 AM
How many are not allowed to contact him, yet are asked to vote for him. ? I am not allowed to contact him - email, web site, etc. - two [2] faxes about it and no response - local & DC office. Hey, but those who are allowed to contact him, 90+ support him. Frank - 40 + year LMT resident, but not allowed to contact him ! Who else ? Please let us know ! Silence is not so good - e.g. PSU scandal ?
An interested bystander January 11, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Using Obama's vote totals as indicators is not accurate. He's completely lost the Independent voter who was duped into believing him. That being said, all incumbents are at risk because Washing is as dysfunctional as ever, and that's a tribute to both parties who are equally to blame.


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