Philadelphia Bans 'Vaping:' What Do You Think?

Supporters of vaping say that it is harmless and can help with smoking cessation, while those opposed to it say it poses a public-health concern.

(Patch file photo)
(Patch file photo)
Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter this week signed into law two bills that severely limit "vaping" in the City of Brotherly Love.

"Vaping" is the use of electronic cigarettes, cigars or hookahs.

The first bill signed by Mayor Nutter on Wednesday immediately makes illegal the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The second outlaws the use of all e-cig products just about everywhere in Philadelphia, including schools, workplaces, hospitals, bars and restaurants, stores, museums, movie theaters, and the common areas of apartment buildings and hotels. That ban goes into effect July 1, the Inquirer said.

“This legislation is an extension of the Clean Indoor Air Act. These sensible regulations will protect the health and wellness of every Philadelphia citizen, especially our young people, by limiting the sale of and exposure to e-cigarette products,” Nutter said on Wednesday. 

New Jersey was the first state to put in place bans on vaping, which it did in 2009. A number of other states have followed, including Kansas, Maryland and New York.

Pennsylvania State Sen. Tim Solobay in 2013 introduced a bill, SB 1055, that would have banned the sale of e-digs to minors in the commonwealth. As of March of this year, it was before the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Supporters of vaping say that it is harmless and can help with smoking cessation, the Inquirer said, while those opposed to it say it poses a public-health concern.

What do you think about vaping? Would you support statewide bans similar to those put in place by Philadelphia?

dwayne roberson April 15, 2014 at 05:12 AM
Second hand smoke data can be filed in the circular file with global warming junk science. Another obnoxious decree from the Central Planners in Philthadelphia. Another reason to stay away from the city, you will live longer, but not because of vapors. Detroipia here we come. The Democrat party is not the party of Jefferson. It is the party of King George III.
dwayne roberson April 15, 2014 at 06:49 AM
Chance of snow tonight.
Joe Barnett April 15, 2014 at 10:20 AM
I implore you if you are quoting real dangers try quoting studies not news articles. There are hundreds of real science based documents that show this substantially less harmful. If is only proven further by the public health now resorting to main stream media for sensationalize obscure statistical facts like if there were 0 calls last year and now there are 300 it is a 300 percent increase, but they fail to report the 16000 cosmetic related poisoning that occur yearly. Check your data and compare apples to apples. E-cigs are substantially less harmful than tobacco combustible EVEN the American Lung Association admits this. Why stand by and 400,000 continue to cause harm to themselves by vilifying the e-cig industry. Put you outrage on the FDA who has sat for 7 years on this product and allowed 2.8 million people to die from combustible tobacco related illness. This quit smoking or die mentality is childish and irresponsible. Help a smoker live, stop these insane legislation and civil ordinances
tiredoftheviolence April 15, 2014 at 02:33 PM
This is really getting ridiculous! Are we the strong American citizens that proudly stand and sings "the land of the free and the home of the brave"? Or are we sniveling, sissified, compliant order takers who let's our government decide what is and isn't good for us? Why doesn't the mayor focus on the rampant violence, trash strewn streets, drug infested neighborhoods, children without role models, school closings that are very much needed open, veterans sleeping on the streets while a welfare recipient of 5 years with 6 kids has government housing? How about focusing on the why the "City of Brotherly Love" is a crime ridden cesspool that ranks in the top 5 most dangerous cities in the US? We left our food in the hands of government and we now have GMO's, an outrageous amount of people dying from cancer and an even bigger count of thyroid disease patients, due to the government's need to remove iodine from our foods. We left our medications and health in the hands of government, and we now have people dying bc they can't afford 2k a pill for liver or lung cancers, medications with so many side effects that some just choose to live with their illness unmedicated and insurance companies deciding what medications are right for you. Instead he is focusing on people complaining about others blowing out water vapor? Guess he can't fix the real problems of this city, so he's grabbing at anything he can. What's the matter? Are there too many people smoking water and getting healthier, that they no longer have to pay higher insurance premiums? Rich losing kickbacks from the healthier poor? Sickening!
Margaret French April 20, 2014 at 10:15 AM
Then we need to ban asthma inhalers in public. I don't want to be breathing in any second hand albuterol! That is how stupid this ban is.


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