Palmer Township: No to Nazareth Police Coverage

Palmer Township officials say they have no interest in providing police coverage for Nazareth Borough.

The sirens from Nazareth have fallen on deaf ears.

Palmer Township officials answered the call regarding a proposal for its police department to provide coverage to Nazareth with a swift, stiff "no" at the Board of Supervisors meeting Monday night.

Township Manager Christopher Christman said that he received and reviewed a proposal from Nazareth Monday for contracting police services.

"My recommendation is that we will not consider this," Christman said.

Nazareth Borough Council recently approved a motion to revisit contracting police services from a neighboring municipality. Nazareth wants an outside source to provide police services and asked six municipalities -- including Palmer -- if they were interested.

"It's cost prohibitive," Christman said. "And Nazareth is not contiguous to the township."

Upper Nazareth Township, Bushkill Township and Colonial Regional Police were also on the list. Colonial Regional covers Lower Nazareth Township, Bath Borough and Hanover Township (Northampton County). It has a contract to cover Chapman Borough.

"It would be difficult to provide quality service to Nazareth and maintain our service," Christman said. "Do you agree, chief?"

Police Chief Larry Palmer responded: "I concur."

Palmer Supervisors Chairman Dave Colver said Christman should send a letter on the township's behalf respectfully declining the request.

With less than a month to mull and draft a proposal, the Lower Nazareth Board of Supervisors on Wednesday said there is insufficient time to properly consider adding Nazareth Borough to Colonial Regional Police Department's coverage area.

Kaos8 December 14, 2012 at 07:11 PM
News Flash- Nazareth Borough PD is not the only department with a TV in the Station! I can't believe that people are that naive. That and a TV does not mean that one cannot do their job...Whether there is a TV there or not does not have anything to do with good police work..There are TV's at the 911 Center too- do you think that means they don't do anything either. Yes there are lazy people that would watch tv, no matter where you work, then there are Responsible People that do the job, no matter if TV or not.
alivettg December 14, 2012 at 07:35 PM
I think he was just mentioning the outrage the Mayor made over the removal of the Tv! As for cuts... Oh, they can make it work with the money we have! But heck, we have 7 full time road crew, with a supervisor gettin an almost $10,000 raise this year!! And did I mention the Lawyer we pay in Philly at a rate of $452.00 an hour.. For WHAT I'm not sure...putting us almost $75,000 over legal budget?? Yes... Take a double ck!! Now to demand council let our Chief do what he can, and give us a police department!!
Kaos8 December 14, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Back to the topic...Why would anyone even think another department would want to take on Nazareth..There is too much Council and Mayor involvement for any department to want to take that on. Not to mention they are asking these departments at the last minute. STALL TACTICS! Also if they departments do not hire on Nazareth Police Guys the borough has to pay them anyway. The police are under contract still...That is why it is important to keep these guys on..Plus who is going to care more about the citizens and businesses, than the guys who actually work for Nazareth? It just makes sense.
Kaos8 December 14, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Yeah, I just talked to Jason about the whole TV situation. It still is ridiculous that a TV made such a big deal. There are so many other problems, but to pull the TV stint was just petty. The police have enough issues, but I guess someone on council wants to play baby games, like they are in 5th grade still.
rick troxell December 17, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Tv situation was never really answered. The current issue has an answer. Give the current chief 2.8 million over the next three years and keep council out of it. But in the end behind the scene the decision has already been made.It has been the agenda for the last few years. It is about to be played out. Not to the benefit of the Borough but to the benefit of the council so they still have the upper hand on law enforcement in the Borough.


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