No Updates on Nazareth Area School District Budget

Nazareth Area School District administrators will present their final budget proposal to the public on May 14.

There was no update at Monday's meeting of the Nazareth Area School Board. Do not expect one at next week's meeting, either.

The administration will present its next budget proposal at a committee meeting on April 24 -- the day after the next meeting of the district school board -- then make a formal presentation to the public at the school board meeting on May 14, district Superintendent Victor Lesky said on Monday.

Final approval of the budget is scheduled for May 21, Lesky said. By law, the school board must approve the budget by June 30. It will be in effect from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

As it stands now, the $69.2 million budget calls for a 2 percent property tax increase, as well as taking -- roughly similar to a savings account for a private individual. School board members have called on the administration to find ways to cut the budget further, to lower or reduce the proposed tax hike.

The specter of potential hangs over the budget process, as it has since the school board in January directed Lesky to send letters to the unions that represent the district's teachers and custodial workers, asking for a wage freeze of other concessions.


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