Nazareth School Board Offers Small Update on Headache Intersection

The Nazareth School Board agreed to raise the financial cap for Newton Engineering, the company working with the district to get PennDOT approval for the traffic light at Friedenstahl Avenue and Route 191.

The Nazareth School Board on Monday held a brief discussion on the stalled effort to have a traffic light installed at East Lawn Road (Route 191) and Friedenstahl Avenue in Upper Nazareth Township near the middle school.

The board approved raising the financial cap for Newton Engineering from $25,000 to $30,000. Newton is working with the school district and neighboring municipalities to get PennDOT approval for the traffic light, Superintendent Dennis Riker explained.

He told the board that Newton’s fees currently total $23,000. He said he didn’t want a situation where the engineering firm exceeded the $25,000 cap, so he recommended raising it. He also told the board that attorneys on all sides are still hashing out legal issues.

After the meeting, Riker said the for the project and is committed to getting the traffic light installed. He also said a timeline that would include a date on when the light will be installed has never been established.

In a June story in The Express-Times, Riker’s predecessor -- Victor Lesky -- said Newton Engineering was able to get the project’s cost down from more than $2 million to about $1.2 million.

The district sent a letter to Upper Nazareth in May asking how to proceed.

PennDOT spokesman Sean Brown, according to the article, said the agency provided comments on early concept plans and will continue to work with the school district’s engineer to get the project done.

93GEO-Metro November 22, 2012 at 12:21 PM
So why aren't there any "School Zones" established with 15mph speeds with the school close to the road? The school off of Tatamy Road sits much further back and has one to slow traffic.


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