Mayor Defends Controversial Television Decision

Fred Daugherty Jr. says the television in the Nazareth Borough Police Department headquarters is merely a representation and "masks the real issue."

In a document titled "TV; It's Not Just Entertainment Anymore," Nazareth Mayor Fred Daugherty Jr. has offered his insight into the Nazareth Borough Police Department -- an issue that since a borough employee was instructed by the mayor to disconnect the cable on Jan. 20.

For Daugherty, the television "is just a symbol of a much deeper and flawed system of providing police service to a borough."

The mayor goes on to note -- in the document sent to Nazareth Patch -- that "the police officers do not see themselves as employees of Nazareth Borough, but rather as employees of an association and union which contracts with the borough for police services."

Nazareth Patch has learned that Daugherty would not allow Police Chief Thomas Trachta -- or the rest of the police force -- to speak to an NBC 10 Philadelphia reporter Tuesday afternoon about the controversy surrounding the department.

The mayor did, however, make a statement from , according to The Express-Times.

Trachta previously said the television was used for training purposes and so his officers can stay up to date on news and weather that may affect the borough.

The mayor, however, said he has heard rumors of officers from Nazareth and other departments watching the television for entertainment.

Councilman Charles Donello made the at Monday night's meeting, but the motion died for the lack of a second.

"The placement and presence of a television in the Nazareth Borough Police Department in and of itself is not at issue," Daugherty writes. "It merely represents, and by the nature of the discussion, masks the real issue."

Daugherty's letter -- in full -- is located to the right of this article.

Due to rising operating costs, the mayor has long been an advocate for disbanding the Nazareth Borough Police Department. In June 2011, Daugherty to buy coverage from .

Six months later, Daugherty , saying, "It has become patently clear that contracting police services from Colonial Regional Police will not happen. I stand by my recommendation that it would be the best alternative to what we now have, but because of several reasons I am withdrawing my recommendation.”


Our question to you, the readers of Nazareth Patch: What would you like to see happen to the Nazareth Borough Police Department?

93GEO-Metro February 10, 2012 at 12:40 AM
I'm sorry, but I may be an exception, but I don't feel that they need a TV hooked to cable. A TV for video courses/training is one thing, but for regular programming is another. They can watch TV at home on their own time. Besides, they probably have internet connected computers and could just possibly watch online anyway. It's too easy to stop by and see something, and first 5 to 10 minutes pass and soon it's a half hour or more that they could be watching. Want to stay up to date on news and weather? Radio, whether it be AM or FM still has that and some stations have traffic updates every 10 minutes!
Eric Harding February 13, 2012 at 12:28 PM
I disagree. Remember 9/11? Was there a TV wherever you were that fateful day?? I know that is a (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience, but who is to say it won't happen again? And as far as traffic on the radio... This is Nazareth. Nazareth doesn't have traffic... unless we are stuck behind you in your 1993 Geo Metro.
SLR April 20, 2012 at 12:12 AM
I said on another page (and I'm sorry I'm behind on all my scandal reading), how would allowing them a radio be an improvement? They'll get in trouble for listening to music. I'm pretty sure if we're trusting these officers with our lives, we can allow them the responsibility of a tv.
SLR April 20, 2012 at 12:20 AM
I'd just like to say, I'm not from around here. I grew up 1300 miles away, and I moved here from 1800 miles away. I don't know any of these people personally. I have had to call on the Nazareth Police Department several times for general questions or minor issues, and they have always been very respectful, and more importantly, available IMMEDIATELY. If I had a real emergency, I would know that calling the police department would be the best thing because they'll be on my doorstep within minutes. They have always listened to what I had to say and asked appropriate questions and given appropriate advice. A lot of other police departments can NOT boast the same behavior. It'd be really nice if this Mayor Daugherty fellow would stop micromanaging a functioning department and maybe concentrate his efforts on...oh, I don't know...fixing the roads around here? Maybe he can divert some of his energy to figure out how to budget for that. I see the taxes going up and the meter man out every day, but I haven't seen an improvement in the roads at all in the four years I've lived in the boro, and from what I understand, it's been a whole lot longer that the boro has been suffering through the crummy roads that shake apart your car. Newsflash: I lived in the Rocky Mountains. Their dirt roads have a condition called "washboard". I'd rather be driving on those roads than these. Leave the police department alone, and do YOUR job.
alivettg November 18, 2012 at 04:28 AM
Boy, for knowing the road crew is budgeted salaries totally $308,000 and the supervisor has a $9,000 pay raise in new budget, I'd have to ask..WHERE EXACTLY IS THIS ROAD CREW??.... And our police force is a nightmare....pretty sad couple yrs in Nazareth....


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