Lower Nazareth Township Manager Wants Newburg Road Fixed

Lower Nazareth Township manager wants PennDOT to give Newburg Road a complete overhaul.

The deteriorating condition of Newburg Road in Lower Nazareth Township has pushed the township's manager, Timm Tenges, to write a letter to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and to lodge a complaint with state representatives.

“I was making them aware it’s lousy,” Tenges said at Wednesday's Board of Supervisors meeting.

Tenges explained that PennDOT has issued a list of roads slated for improvement, but Newburg isn’t on it. He would like to see the road completely resurfaced, not just patched.

In other business, Tenges told board members that DHD Ventures and Griffin Land/Riverbend Holdings both requested authorization to begin improvements. Improvements items include storm water drainage maintenance and minor road repairs. Both companies were granted permission to begin the needed work.

Township supervisors also granted three security balance reductions. The first reduction was for the new on Easton Nazareth Highway (Route 248) for the completed installation of signage and walkway from the convenience store to the restaurants across the development’s entranceway. The security was reduced to a balance of $527.

Lower Nazareth Realty Partners, which is also involved with the Wawa site, completed a parking lot expansion. Supervisors reduced their security from about $16,404 to $1,373.75.

The third reduction was for Dr. George Manja at the new   on Nazareth Pike. The security balance was reduced to $4,603, as the new medical center nears completion.

Paul Romano March 12, 2011 at 12:25 AM
Perhaps he should stop plodding all over the road in his huge SUV.....The road is fine....another tax increase wouldn't be.
pa resident March 21, 2011 at 11:35 AM
How about taking care of the major traffic,noise and crime problems he had created with his bright idea of the megawarehouses and now he is going to complain to a bankrupt penndot and state rep who approved those projects in favor for him without requiring any offsite improvements to the already underimproved and overloaded state highways. The time has come for maybe nazareth to take care of the problems they have created with your own money not ours! Shame ! Does he not remember there is no money at the state level! We are losing millions of dollars of grant money for educating our children and this guy is worried about paving a township road with our state money so his huge suv doesn't feel the bumps. U R Kidding right!


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