Lower Nazareth to Pay Less for Police Services in 2013 than Anticipated

The cost of Colonial Regional Police services will go up for Lower Nazareth Township, but not as much as initially projected.

The Colonial Regional Police Department's 2013 budget will increase 2.9 percent in 2013, according to township Supervisor James Pennington, who attended the most recent police department commission meeting.

But the cost hike is less than what the township was looking at just last month.

The cost of police services is shared by Lower Nazareth, Hanover Township (Northampton County) and Bath, with Lower Nazareth’s share increasing 3.3 percent.

 Lower Nazareth's share breaks down as follows:

  • 2012 Police Budget: $1,043,332
  • 2013 Police Budget (approved) $1,077,969
  • Increase: $34,637

Last month, the township was looking at a possible $47,411 increase for 2013.

The formula used to determine the share of the budget to be paid by each municipality includes assessed property values, population and police services from the prior year.

Contributing to higher police costs is the rise in retail theft, and needed police response, in the commercial hub near Routes 33 and 248.

The Colonial Regional Police Department employs 24 full-time officers.

Despite rising police costs, Lower Nazareth residents will see, for the third consecutive year, a proposed budget decrease for 2013, with a reduction of 5 percent over 2012. Township Manager Timm Tenges attributes the shrinking budget to “learning to do more with less.”

Supervisors will vote on the proposed $3.5 million township budget for 2013 at their Dec. 12 meeting.

Kaos8 November 29, 2012 at 02:03 PM
I thnk that this is a totally feasible increase. I worked with these police departments for many many years. I can tell you that when there is a "HOT" call in Lower Nazareth, usually at the Northampton Crossings area, they have to pull an officer from another zone to assist..So, if you can imagine one officer at the WalMart handling an aggressive retail theft, you have his back up officer coming from Hanover Twp or Bath - or Chapman Boro, if they are handling Chapman that year. These guys are always on the run, backing each other up, but also making the attempt to cover all their jurisdictions. I know this dept gets a bad rap a lot of time, but they do get the job done. They deserve and need the money.


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