Lower Nazareth's Estates of Deer Crossing Moves Forward

The developer of Estates of Deer Crossing has been seeking a sidewalk variance since March 2008; he finally reached an agreement with the Lower Nazareth Board of Supervisors on May 2, 2012.

Sidewalks have been a thorn in Jim Faust's side since March 2008 -- but not anymore.

After years of negotiations, the  voted Wednesday night to approve a sidewalk waiver that would allow Faust, the owner of , to install sidewalks on only one side of his development, .

The plans have the development of six houses located near Hanoverville Road, by . Each house would sit on one-acre lots, Faust explained to the supervisors at a November meeting.

Faust agreed to install a sidewalk along one side of Irwin Street, which will connect Hanoverville and Steuben roads.

In exchange for approval, Faust agreed to pay the township two and half times the normal recreation fees, according to township manager Timm Tenges.

At the township's April 11 meeting, Faust asked the supervisors if he could substitute "pervious pavers" (where water is absorbed into the ground) instead of impervious, concrete sidewalks.

One type of pervious paver holds 3,000 pounds per square inch. The pavers interlock and can be installed as large sections, and make up a part of the roadway at Eaton and Eighth avenues in Bethlehem.

Faust nixed the idea, however, because the cost was too great.

The issue Faust was trying to avoid all along was having too much impervious coverage. In November 2011, he sought the sidewalk waiver, noting that the state Department of Environmental Protection said the plan had too much impervious area -- ground covered by impenetrable materials, like concrete.

During a previous meeting, township engineer Albert Kortze, explained that in order for Faust to get DEP approval, he had to either reduce the amount of impervious area or install additional water-control measures.


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