Lower Nazareth Planners Approve Speedway Subdivision

Lower Nazareth is down to the homestretch in purchasing land from International Speedway Corp.; the land will be used for stormwater management.

The Lower Nazareth Planning Commission on Monday approved a minor subdivision that will allow the township to purchase a sliver of land within Nazareth Speedway for water drainage.

Originally planned as an easement, the small strip of land will be purchased from International Speedway Corp. for stormwater management. But before the transaction can proceed, the land had to be subdivided and recorded.

Supervisors announced in September that with the completion of the paving of Christian Springs Road, the township is continuing with shoulder restoration and storm drainage improvements next to the former speedway property.

According to township Solicitor Gary Asteak, International Speedway Corp. had originally wanted significantly more than the appraised value the township was willing to pay. But after negotiations, ISC agreed to sell for the appraisal amount.

A minor subdivision, according to the township, is one that does not by itself or in combination with previous subdivision plans involve more than a total of three lots, and does not involve the provision of any new street or easement for access (i.e., one in which all proposed lots will have frontage on an existing public street), or a boundary line adjustment between property owners where no new lots are created.

The property -- approximately 15,000 square feet of real estate -- will be utilized for the sole purpose of stormwater management.  

Work is planned to begin by spring 2013.


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