Lower Nazareth Adopts Rain Garden Maintenance Agreement

The Lower Nazareth Board of Supervisors gives a green thumbs-up to a rain garden maintenance agreement that will allow property owners to redirect stormwater runoff.

Lower Nazareth residents -- and administration -- are thinking green.

The township's Supervisors on Wednesday unanimously approved a new operations and maintenance agreement, which is in anticipation of property owners seeking a green solution to stormwater runoff: rain gardens.

Under the new agreement, property owners proposing a rainwater management area will perpetually be responsible for maintenance. In addition, owners understand the township has the right to and will enforce maintenance.

A rain garden -- similar to a water retention pond -- is a planted depression that allows rainwater to run off buildings, downspouts, driveways and parking lots into a planted depression. The rainwater is then gradually absorbed into the ground.

By redirecting stormwater runoff, rain gardens help to limit ponding, flooded basements and strain on storm sewers and natural waterways.

Plants featured in rain gardens are usually native and non-invasive. They must also be able to handle extremes -- pooling and dry spells.

Wednesday's decision came a mere nine days after the Lower Nazareth Planning Commission approved a site plan for an array of solar panels that will provide an alternate form of energy to a Hecktown Road family.


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