Left-Turn Arrow Installed at Routes 191 and 248 [Video]

Motorists, rejoice! The new left-turn arrow at the intersection of S. Broad Street and Easton Road in Nazareth has been turned on.

Don't hesitate, or you might spoil the opportunity to quickly turn left onto Easton Road.

The much-anticipated installation of a left-turn arrow at the intersection of S. Broad Street and Easton Road -- Routes 191 and 248 -- is complete.

The arrow appears for less than 10 seconds and allows roughly three cars to make a quick exit off S. Broad.

To fund the project, Nazareth Borough was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation under the Automated Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) program.

In April 2012, the total cost of the project -- which changed a three-light traffic signal to a five-light traffic signal -- was estimated at $11,175.

The borough anticipated a $6,175 payment to complete the project. However, an estimate submitted by Telco Inc. revealed potential problems with the existing light's timing mechanisms.

Because of a variety of unknowns, Nazareth Borough Council on Sept. 4 agreed to pay Telco up to $10,000. Ever the optimists, the motion approved by Council noted the project could cost as little as $6,500.

Borough engineer Aaron Sisler was not immediately available for comment Friday.

Elyssia Mathias February 22, 2013 at 07:11 PM
That arrow was desperately needed!!
93GEO-Metro March 12, 2013 at 09:18 AM
Ought to have an additional sensor in the road to insure the traffic isn't backing up so far. Not always is the first driver in line paying attention to that light and only 2 cars get through & I'm still up on the hill. It's as bad as the newer light that was installed at Broad and Walnut Streets. If one is traveling east on Walnut Street, the light changes green & then right back to red before one even gets out of the intersection and will only allow 1 car through at a time, but if your 3rd or 4th in line, forget making it through with everyone else. Find an alternate route so you don't come down to these traffic light to begin with.
Wayne Schissler March 12, 2013 at 10:15 AM
I know what you mean about Walnut East onto Broad. That light is back to red before one car is through the intersection. It's ridiculous.


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