Council Says 'No' to Cable for Nazareth Police

For the second time, Nazareth Borough Council has denied a motion to reconnect the cable to a television in the Nazareth Borough Police Department headquarters.

denied a motion Monday night to reconnect the cable to a television in the headquarters on S. Main Street.

Councilman Charles Donello, who is a member of council's Police Committee, made the motion to reconnect, which received three "yes" votes. In addition to Donello, Michael Kopach and Cynthia Werner voted "yes."

That left six "no" votes, and the motion failed. Council .

Do you agree with Nazareth Borough Council's vote? Tell us in the comment section below.

The donated television in the police department's headquarters has been a sore subject in ever since a Highway Department employee  to disconnect the RCN cable on Jan. 20.

A Nazareth officer donated the television to replace a 25-year-old set, which no longer worked when RCN went digital.

Police Chief Thomas Trachta previously promised to place the television in the department's interview room, which is under 24-hour surveillance. The mayor has said he heard rumors of officers from Nazareth and other departments watching the television for entertainment.

Councilman Larry Stoudt, clearly irritated by the motion made Monday night, said he wanted this to be "the last time we hear of this subject, and the last time this subject comes before council."

Donello countered by saying he's entitled to make motions.

"It’s up to council to deny the motion," Donello said. "After four months, we can’t bring it back?"

The debate went from there.

"You bring it back up every month," Stoudt said. "This council runs this borough. Not the police chief, not the police department -- the council. You’re not going to win."

Donello added that Stoudt wasn't present at the , so he didn't know what was said.

Stoudt, the former chairman of the committee, said, "I was on the committee long before you. I know all about what's going on."

Trachta has listed a variety of reasons why the cable should be reconnected -- so his officers can stay up to date on news and weather that may affect the borough.

However, there are "plenty of alternatives," according to Councilman Jack Herbst, such as smartphones, the Internet and the .

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93GEO-Metro June 05, 2012 at 09:08 AM
I agree that the TV does NOT have to be connected. Let the police get out and do their jobs. One sees more police activity in little Tatamy then the whole town of Nazareth!
Eric Harding June 05, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Of course Stoudt is fighting it. He is against it, and not because of what it is... because he can flex his councilman muscles and tout that he has been on the council longer. It's a pissing match and soon the residents are going to revolt. Well all except Mr. 93GEO-Metro that is. I do not see any issues with having TV service in the police station at all. I mean, welcome to 2012 where we have an abundant sources for information... some free and some not. I would want every available resource provided to my police officers regardless of what media it might be. I do want to disagree with 93GEO-Metro though. I do not see how the presence of 1 police officer during the day trumps that of... oh wait, that is right. The council won't allow the department to hire any full time officers. Perhaps you are right Metro! Maybe you should be worried about that instead of the TV.
sherry June 06, 2012 at 02:23 PM
So offices of all kinds in this county have TVs but that is forbidden for the police dept. which might need that breaking news more than anyone else?? And the TV was donated and replaced an old set that didn't work?? I don't see a problem with allowing them to have the TV turned on but whatever. I do see a problem with NOT allowing full time officers to be hired, just like Eric stated one of these problems are more worrisome than the other. I'm not really into local politics but I've had my fill of Stoudt's actions.
Eric Harding June 06, 2012 at 02:38 PM
If I could like this, I would.
Melody Smith June 11, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Why are the same people getting voted onto council? It's time Nazareth wakes up. Don't miss the BS one bit. Just makes me greatful I was able to get the heck out.


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