Lower Nazareth Closer to Deal with Speedway Owners

Deal allowing Lower Nazareth Township to purchase a sliver of land within Nazareth Speedway for a drainage pipe may delay completion of Christian Springs Road project.

Lower Nazareth Township is a step closer to buying a sliver of land that was once part of Nazareth Speedway. The township will use the land for stormwater management.

At their Sept. 12 meeting, township supervisors gave conditional approval for the township to buy land within the property that was Nazareth Speedway.

supervisors also announced that with the , the township is continuing with shoulder restoration and storm drainage improvements next to the former speedway property.

Township solicitor Gary Asteak explained that the International Speedway Corp. had originally wanted significantly more than the appraised value the township was willing to pay. But after negotiations, ISC agreed to sell for the appraisal amount.

“The [authorization to execute the agreement of sale] is contingent upon ISC agreeing to stipulations allowing the township to seek expansion if needed,” Asteak added.

In August, Township Manager Timm Tenges said: “The property --approximately 15,000 square feet of real estate -- will be utilized for the sole purpose of stormwater management. The township is in the process of having the property appraised as is required by the Second Class Township Code, and a final sale price will be determined subsequent to that."

While he’s optimistic that the terms of the sale will be worked out soon, Tenges warned Wednesday that it might be October before the deal actually takes place.

“We’re reluctant to dig dirt without being able to reseed,” said Tenges. “That means we’ll probably have to do the drainage work in the spring.”

Tenges is pleased so far with the outcome of the project, which he reported to be 75 percent complete.

“The road still needs to be striped,” he said. “But the next hurdle will probably be at the police commission level, now that the road is more conducive to speeding."

That observation drew chuckles from the handful of residents at the meeting to share concerns about an increase in speeding along the newly paved Christian Springs Road.


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