Commuters to Easton: Don't Tax Us

Some commuters have already written to Easton about its proposed commuter tax.

The city of Easton will host a meeting Monday night to discuss a proposed .

But some commuters have already weighed in on the tax, via e-mails presented to council at its meeting last week.

City officials say they need the tax to cover $1.35 million of a projected $1.85 million shortfall in pension obligations. The increase would tax people who work -- but don't live -- in Easton at a rate of 1.75 percent, instead of the current 1 percent.

"Enacting this tax would likely encourage surrounding areas to tax Easton residents who work in other areas," wrote Brenda Cahill of Bethlehem Township.

She said that she works and shops in Easton, but worried she would cease spending money in the city if the tax was enacted.

Upper Nazareth resident Frank Houser said he too spends money in the city.

"But due to your money grabbing move, I shall take my business elsewhere," wrote Houser, a Northampton County employee. 

He said he was upset that the tax wouldn't pay for things such as education or housing, but for "yesterday's inequities."

"I'll be very conscientious not to purchase anything in the city of Easton," wrote another county employee, Kerry Isaac.

"The fact that you need a resident of Bethlehem to help pay off Easton's debt does not really say much about the people 'running Easton,'" wrote Marta Husovsky, another county employee.

Around 800 county workers would be affected if the tax is passed. County Executive John Stoffa said earlier this month that he had addressed the issue with county employees on July 5. for a resolution asking the city not to approve the commuter tax.

And Easton Mayor Sal Panto fired , saying it should consider doing a "payment in lieu of taxes" on the land it owns in Easton.

The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday .

Keith July 15, 2012 at 11:16 PM
DO IT!! I'd like to see these parents with kids not buy crayola products because the city of Easton enacted a tax. I hope for the day NJ commuters stay in NJ! Y'all don't know how to drive and overtax our highway system so as it is. Easton should charge 5 bucks for the bridge, and 3 for the "free" bridge. Anything to keep the additional traffic off 22 and out of the valley!!
gruntled July 16, 2012 at 12:30 AM
Are we really TRYING to drive jobs out of Easton and put hurdles in place for new jobs? I hate having to pay 1.75% but I do benefit from it...somewhat. The huge real estate tax also troubles me greatly; but not yet quite enough to get me to move to the burbs, although it's getting close. PLEASE, Sal & council, don't do it!
louis kootsares July 16, 2012 at 02:20 PM
do it mayor panto tell the county if they wanna butt in tough butt out or move out .. bye bye they are not going anywhere so now put parking meters everywhere there is a space for them around county buildings and sock them 3 dollars an hour to park with the same parking ticket prices as philadelphia 31 dollars for an expired meter the county will learn not to mess with easton


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