Wal-Mart in Lower Nazareth Township Robbed

The pharmacy inside the Wal-Mart in Lower Nazareth Township was robbed at gunpoint Monday night, according to published reports.

The pharmacy inside the in the Northampton Crossings shopping center was robbed Monday night, according to a WFMZ report.

was dispatched around 9:15 p.m. to the department store.

A witness told WFMZ that the pharmacy was robbed at gunpoint, but a dispatcher could not confirm if a weapon was used.

No injuries were reported, according to a report in The Express-Times. The report added that police did not have anyone in custody.

Chris Miller August 07, 2012 at 09:13 PM
We can expect more and more of this in this Obama economic environment. I would point out to one and all that you do have the right to protect yourself under the Second Amendment. Make sure that you take lessons in shooting and self defense and learn about a concealed carry permit here in the Commonwealth.
Truth Teller August 07, 2012 at 09:50 PM
Mr. Miller. You sir, are an idiot. Actually, I take that back. You would give idiots a bad name. Of all the intellectually dishonest blowhards this site gets, you lead the pack. You blame a robbery on the current adminstration. Really? What next? Perhaps your impotence is "Nobama's" fault as well. Perhaps, the smell of fecal matter coming from your hair, since you spend so much of your time with your head up your... The fact is, violent crime statistics have fallen every year during the first two years of Mr. Obama's Presidency. (Here's the link to the FBI statistics - but don't let the facts get in your way). Those statistics have followed a national trend for the past 18+ years. But what is most interesting, is that during a recession, they normally go up. Fact is, they have fallen more during the recession than at any time during George W. Bush's Presidency. Oh, and the economic woes we have desperately been trying to work our way out of, were due to the economic policies put into place by the previous administration and the legislature - fully under the control of the Republicans. But you know all of this. Facts, truth, and honesty mean nothing to you. You would rather live in your insular world, full of loony talking points, and blaming every problem upon the big, scary "other".
Chris Miller August 08, 2012 at 11:48 AM
Mr. Teller I think if you closer at histroy you will find that during hard times that robberies to acquire money and goods go up. There have been a number of events that point out a new direction. A few weeks ago there was an attempted robbery inside Cigars International in Bethlehem. A gun and a knife were pulled and the knife wielding bad guy ran out when the gun appeared. A bit later two men robbed another store on Main Street. I cannot remember when that last happened. If you follow the news in our two valley papers you will see more and more robberies. If you go back to hard times, other recessions and depressions, you will find that crime went up when the economy went bad. Think Elliot Ness and his untouchables. As to the matter of the FBI statistics, keep in mind that those numbers come from the local police forces. How high or low they are depends on how hard the police are working. I know this because I have a number of police officers as friends, yes I do have friends, who told me about those stats many years ago. In addition to this you seem to be upset about George W. Bush and his spending. Do you really believe I supported his spending? My question is if you did not like Bush's spending why do you like Obama's.I would also like to suggest that you get rid of your anonymous moniker and that you avoid crude remarks. If you really want to do some good I would suggest you look at your various government officials and check their activities. You will be surprised.


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