The Hero Next Door: Greg Homa

Meet Greg Homa, a volunteer firefighter with Hecktown Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1 and this week's 'Hero Next Door.'

Greg Homa, 19, is a volunteer firefighter with . He has been with the company for a little over four months.

Homa has been volunteer firefighting since he was 16, starting at Tatamy Volunteer Fire Company.

Homa lives in Palmer Township and attends , where he's studying to be an electrical engineer. He works part-time at Easton Hospital.

What is it like being a firefighter?

“It’s like my hobby -- everybody loves one thing. It’s like a calling.”

What is your favorite thing about being a firefighter?

“My favorite thing would probably be the brotherhood. If we need something we know who to call. All of us are there for each other.”

What made you decide to become a firefighter?

“It’s basically a family tradition. Everyone in my family has been a firefighter since my grandpop. So, it’s basically passing on the torch through the family.”

How do your loved ones feel about you putting your life on the line?

“[My mother is] always worried when I go out on a call.”

What kind of training have you had so far?

“I have my national certification in firefighting and haz-mat awareness operation… I’m currently enrolled in Awareness/Operations and Basic Vehicle Rescue Technician.”

What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining the department?

“It’s all personal really. It's all if you think you can handle it. There are some people [who] really aren’t cut out for the job... the one thing you really need as a firefighter is teamwork -- and how to take orders.”


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