15 Neglected Horses Taken to Last Chance Ranch

Horses rescued from Northampton County property are expected to recover from injuries and lack of food, water and shelter.

on a Northampton County property without food, water or shelter are recuperating at an animal rescue center and are expected to be OK.

The horses were taken to Last Chance Ranch in the Quakertown area community of Richland Township.

A vet examined all of the horses today, said Jackie Burke of Last Chance Ranch.

Care for the animals is expected to cost at least $10,000. Donations can be made via the ranch's secure website or by calling the ranch at 215-538-2510.

One horse has an open wound with exposed bone. The animal is scheduled to have surgery on Friday to clean and repair the wound. The wound was infested with maggots when the horse was rescued.

Another horse suffered a broken leg but the vet discovered that the break is an old injury which has fused. Caregivers will work to make sure the horse is comfortable.

All of the horses will receive proper care, feeding and training with hopes that they may be available for adoption in several months.

This video tells the story of Last Chance Ranch and its work, which includes rescuing more than 500 horses over the past 10 years. The ranch is currently home to abut 50 horses, 36 dogs plus cats and various farm animals. 

Officials say Plainfield Township property owner Dominic Deflorio is facing animal cruelty charges after leaving the horses without food, water, or shelter over the weekend.


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