Nazareth Police Warn Residents of Phone Scam

Nazareth's police chief says at least three residents fell victim to a phone scam that claims a relative is in jail or legal trouble and needs cash.

Senior citizens have been the target of a phone scam, according to Chief Thomas Trachta.

The scammers claim that the person's relative is in jail or legal trouble and needs cash. Over the past few days, Trachta said, at least three residents wired cash to the Dominican Republic.

The total lost by the residents is about $14,000, he said.

According to Trachta, the scammers say the relative is in trouble in Canada -- for example -- but ask that the money be wired to the Dominican Republic. This should be an immediate red flag.

Although the scam appears to target seniors, Trachta said anyone could become a victim. Before agreeing to send cash, be extremely skeptical. Ask detailed questions and call a family member to make sure the story proves true.

The police chief said residents in Nazareth's surrounding areas should also be careful.

If you think you were the victim of a phone scam, you may call police at (610) 759-2200.


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