Nazareth Police: 46 Crimes Reported in August

A total of 46 crimes were reported in Nazareth in August, including a rape, two burglaries, 10 disorderly conducts and 13 vandalism reports.

A total of 46 crimes were reported and investigated in Nazareth during August, according to Borough Council's monthly police report.

The 46 crimes are as follows:

Rape -- 1
Robbery -- 1
Assault -- 2
Burglary -- 2
Larceny Theft -- 10
Forgery and Counterfeit -- 1
Fraud -- 3
Vandalism -- 13
DUI -- 2
Public Drunkenness -- 1
Disorderly Conduct -- 10

Traffic violations are as follows:

Traffic Tickets -- 11
Warnings Issued -- 9
Traffic Accidents -- 4 reportable, 10 non-reportable
Parking Enforcement -- 220 Borough parking meter violations issued, 5 non-meter violations issued 

Arthur September 07, 2011 at 12:02 PM
What do you expect when the mayor advertises he is disbanding the police force and subjecting the borough to rent-a-cops.
Chris Miller September 07, 2011 at 01:42 PM
The citizens and the merchants in the Borough need to attend their town meetings and demand that criminals be taken off the street and put in jail. It is time for the town to remove the covers on their eyes and clean up the community otherwise there will be more crime and more drug use and ultimatley someone will be slained.


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