Custodians Douse Burning Dryer Lint at Nazareth High

Superintendent Dennis Riker said custodians spotted the smoking dryer lint right away and doused it; there was no damage to Nazareth Area High School and the smoke alarms did not go off.

Lint that was backed up in a clothes dryer started smoking around 8 p.m. Monday at Nazareth Area High School.

Superintendent Dennis Riker said the school’s custodians spotted the smoking lint right away and doused it. The dryer is in the boys locker room and is used to dry uniforms and gear, he said.

The burning lint caused no damage to the school and the smoke alarms did not go off, Riker said.

Regarding the backed-up lint, Riker said, “It’s a good lesson for all of us.”

The incident occurred during the school board meeting, which included the re-election of board president Lorin Bradley.

Riker said an electrician inspected the dryer Tuesday morning, but still hadn’t been told if the dryer is still functional.


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