Praise Your Mom, Win $500

As we get ready for Mother’s Day, Patch wants to hear about your mom and what makes her so great.

Editor's Note: Thank you for your comments. The entry period is now closed.

Mother’s Day is days away and many of you may be wondering what you can give to your mother to thank her for all that she has given to you.

Gifts can be thoughtful, but sometimes it’s the words that mean more, that show you truly care and appreciate what she did.

We’d like to give each of you the opportunity to tell the greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas why your mother is so special and what makes her so wonderful. You may have a story you’d like to share or words of appreciation. We want to read it.

We are hoping to find some truly great Mother’s Day stories, so please be sure to include your hometown in your post.

We’re so excited about getting these great stories that we’re offering $500 to one lucky person. You may want to share it with mom, but that’s up to you. To enter, all you have to do is post your story or reflection of your mom in the comments area of this story. Please keep it to 100 words or fewer. (One entry per user.)  

If you’d like to upload a picture of your mom to this article, we’d love to see it (but you have to leave a comment to be eligible for the prize.)

Want to make sure you find out who won this contest? Go to the "Email me updates about this story" area below and click on "Keep me posted." You'll get an email when the winner is announced.

For the complete rules, please see the attached documents in the media area of this story.

Leo Behe May 10, 2012 at 05:16 PM
My mom corrected my grammar all the time. This always impressed me, because I was about ten at the time. She also manages to take care of eight children, three cats and a dog every day. Lord knows I cannot fathom what kind of mental condition possessed her to choose a 24-hour workday with no tangible paycheck, but she did it, and here we are, very much the better for it. I would wish her a long life, but considering her diet of fruits, vegetables and the tears of illiterate youth, she doesn't need the help. Love you, Mom.
Jacob Buttery May 10, 2012 at 05:59 PM
My mom, Carol Louise Snyder, epitomizes maternal sacrifice. Possessed by a desire to see her offspring happy, yet simultaneously sobered by a duty to instill values such as integrity and respect in her kids, my mother devoted her life to looking out for her children's best interest. As a single mom, she worked two jobs so that she could earn enough money to keep us a house close to our friends, yet still managed to be at all the baseball games, Hi-Q matches, and wrestling tournaments that we, her children, decided were important. I specifically recall my mom crying one time, and the indelible image will remind we why I can only hope to honor her for the rest of my days: she was crying because her dad died. Good parenting is never the easy thing to do, but good parents prepare us for the rest of our lives. Jacob P. Buttery
mark forcinito May 11, 2012 at 02:44 AM
My mother, Martha Forcinito, is a very strong person who needs something she has given my recently deceased father and the rest of our family "LOVE". My mother has basicly given up her last nine months to completely take care of my father who was suffering with liver cancer and she did everything for him( I mean everything). This was very hard for her because she is in her mid 60's and my father become bed ridden and she took care of him and made his last few months as comfortable as possible considering the circumstances. IT was extremely hard for her because he wouldnt allow her to get any help in the form of a nurse or aid. Throughout our lives she took care of us(four children) and when we left she took care of my father. I love her and want everyone to know that she did an amazing job taking care of my father, Mark
Celeste Behe May 11, 2012 at 03:31 AM
“What, you don’t want to eat the dinner I made you? Then drop dead!” Those words, which my mother often addressed to me during my childhood, speak volumes about the woman I called Mom. She was a devoted Italian mother who expressed her maternal love through her cooking. But she was also a high-strung woman whose frazzled nerves often caused her to speak without thinking. I relish the memory of Mom serving a dish of pasta with a side of insult. Her meals were well-rounded, but her tongue was as sharp as aged Parmesan. Mamma mia! How I loved her!
Chantelle May 11, 2012 at 12:28 PM
My mother is a woman whom I admire and adore. She has done her absolute best to raise my siblings and myself and through all of the adversity that she has faced she has done a phenomenal job. I am in awe at all that she has accomplished and overcome in my lifetime. She is a woman that radiates kindness and is loved by all who know her. I love and respect her and am grateful to have been blessed to have her as mine. For Peggy from Norristown from Chantelle with all of my love.


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