[Updated With Winner] Praise Your Dad, Win $500

As we get ready for Father’s Day, Patch wants to hear about your dad and what makes him so great.

Editor's note: We have a winner! Please see our updated story to read the story submitted by contest winner Donna MacNeal. Congratulations! The Patch staff wants to thank everyone for such amazing, heartbreaking and laugh-out-loud comments about the first #1 man in your life, Dad.

Father's Day is days away and many of you may be wondering what you can give to your father to thank him for all that he has given to you.

Gifts can be thoughtful, but sometimes it’s the words that mean more, that show you truly care and appreciate what he did.

We’d like to give each of you the opportunity to tell the greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas why your father is so special and what makes him so wonderful. You may have a story you’d like to share or words of appreciation. We want to read it.

We are hoping to find some truly great Father’s Day stories, so please be sure to include your hometown in your post.

We’re so excited about getting these great stories that we’re offering $500 to one lucky person. You may want to share it with dad and take in a ballgame together, but that’s up to you. To enter, all you have to do is post your story or reflection of your dad in the comments area of this story. Please keep it to 100 words or fewer. (One entry per user.)  

If you’d like to upload a picture of your dad to this article, we’d love to see it (but you have to leave a comment to be eligible for the prize.)

Want to make sure you find out who won this contest? Go to the "Email me updates about this story" area below and click on "Keep me posted." You'll get an email when the winner is announced.

For the complete rules, please see the attached documents of this story.

M. J. June 14, 2012 at 06:55 PM
My dad is my hero! So many little girls say that everyday, but in my life it is very true! My father was my hero 33 years ago when he and my mother adopted me. I truly do not know what my life would be like today if they hadn't taken me as part of their family. Even after that first act of adoption, my dad has proven day in and day out that he is a true hero. He has dedicated his life to helping others as a fire fighter, fire chief, safety officer, fire investigator, and emergency management coordinator. He has taken care of many boo boos and wiped away countless tears over the years. I have enjoyed standing next to him on the fire ground and also as he walked me down the isle to my loving husband 6 years ago. I love to watch him interact with my children and can see my kids look up to him as much as I do. I thank God every day for my dad and for all that he has done for me in my life! Without his example I do not feel I would be the woman or mom that I am today. Thanks dad! I love you! Melissa Janis, Bethlehem PA
John W. June 14, 2012 at 07:36 PM
My family surprised my Dad with a 90th birthday party last Saturday. If I have a quarter of his energy when I reach half his age, I will consider myself lucky. He taught me the life is for living, that family is most important and that your kids are your legacy. I learned never trust someone who lies to you and never lie to someone who trusts you. That Philadelphia sports teams and beautiful women often will break your heart but to keep coming back. And I learned to Mummer Strut, which is exactly what we did at his party John W. Collegeville
Josie Hall June 14, 2012 at 11:55 PM
Before I leave my comment I want who ever's reading this to know that I am not entering for the money, I'm entering to see that everyone knows how great a dad John Hall is. My dad is the best dad in the world because even though he works from 4:00 in the afternoon to 12:00 at night all the way in New York, he still finds time for me and my siblings. He still finds time to pull us out of school to go to a nice lunch, or to make it to our concerts and softball games. After riding two hours each way, everyday, six days a week, he still finds time to be the best dad ever.
Tim Prist June 15, 2012 at 02:58 AM
My father is great, he has four kids and loves them all. He has always tried for us not to see him angry so we could remember him as a happy man. Although I'm only 14 years old and the oldest out of all four kids, my dad takes time listening to my problems or just talking about life. I really love my dad and even if I don't win the money it's great to let people know how great of a man my dad is.
Jen L. June 15, 2012 at 05:06 AM
What I appreciate of my father is not only his hardwork ethic or his strong values in faith and family but mainly for his transparency as a person. Growing up, he seized every opportunity as a teachable moment for me and gave me insight to what really matters in life. He used his own life to show me that money, fame, etc., were all fleeting and taught me the value of faith, kindness and love. I am still learning but I am so thankful he has taught me how to navigate this journey called life.


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