Let Teachers Teach or Allow Parents to Parent?

Share your thoughts in this week’s Moms Talk, which asks about how much parents need to know when sensitive issues are being discussed in the classroom.

This week’s Moms Talk topic, which focuses on whether parents should be informed when sensitive issues are discussed at school, seems to have divided respondents right down the middle.

Most of those Patch readers who commented on the article say that parents should be made aware when complex issues are addressed. Their reasons run down a similar path -- parents need to know so that they can make sure that their kids are fully understanding and coping with whatever topic has come up during the school day.

However, Patch readers who offered their opinions through other outlets, such as the Emmaus Patch Facebook page, have a very different opinion on this week’s Moms Talk question. They say that parents need to let the teachers alone to do their jobs.

It’s not too late for you to add your voice to the conversation. . Then tell us what you think.


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