Experienced Host family needed for Chinese students

AVINS Consulting Service is an educational advising and homestay placement company that supports high school students from around the world wishing to attend a US high school and live with an American host family for the upcoming spring semester or academic school year.
We are looking for wonderful host families who would like to share their homes and hearts with bright international students between the ages of 14-18. Students are expected to participate as active members of the family and integrate into host family routines, traditions and rules just like any other family member. You do not have to have other children in your home to qualify. Many different family units make great host families. It is a great way to open your family’s eyes to the world, promote a sense of adventure and establish a tradition for lifelong learning and adventure. 
Contact Mr. Vincent Teh (at 646-2865505 or email vteh@avinsconsulting.com), who will work with you personally to help identify a student that will be a great match with your family.


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