Where is the Book on Great Moderates?

America has been through hard times over the past three years. Do we have men who are capable of restoring this nation?

One of my favorite radio commentators is Rush Limbaugh. I remember entering my car one day after school in 1988, turning on the radio to WAEB 790 and hearing this booming voice expressing conservative views. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Over the years I heard more and more people talk about the need for moderate politicians. That led Limbaugh to talk about the need for someone to write a book about the Great Moderates. It was a bit tongue and cheek on his part because it appeared that those who wanted to discuss and engage in compromise or moderation were fewer and fewer as time went by.

But if we are unable to compromise, we will never resolve or solve our problems. So where do we go?

"Revolutionaries" is a work by Jack Rakove. I do not know him and have no financial interest in the book. I do, however, have an educational interest in it. The book is set in the period when we and the British were going at it hammer and tongs.

Early on in his book, Rakove introduces John Dickinson, John Jay and Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin would come to join their group. They were business men of sorts and their livelihood was tied to doing business with England. They had ties to England -- like Dickinson, who had spent time within the walls of the royal family and thus had close ties to the Crown.

The objective of the above group was to work and negotiate with England so that their business relationship would continue.

Those were difficult times for our country and for the people that lived here. Compromise was not a word that one used lightly. If you spoke of compromise you might find yourself losing friends. Yet the above gentlemen did not hesitate to maintain and improve their relationship with British officials, friends -- or the British government. They were able to do that because they were principled men. They let it be know to their families and associates that if a resolution with the Crown was not forthcoming, they would be on the side of their fellow Americans.

Were they Great Moderates worthy of praise? I would say they were. Dickinson, the man with very close ties to the Crown, was unable to initially give up those ties. But in the end, he remained on the side of the Revolutionaries.

Our nation is in dire economic straits. It is easy to blame it on the man seated in the White House -- and by way of full disclosure, I did not and would not vote for him. My biggest concern is the inability of the two political parties to come together as principled men and do what needs to be done for our nation.

Are there Great Moderates -- and principled men -- among us?

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moderate Republican February 20, 2012 at 02:36 PM
There are, indeed, great moderates among us -- and these are people with principles. However, far-right folks (like yourself, Mr. Miller, i suppose, based upon your fanship of Mr. Limbaugh) have accused moderates of lacking principles (by accusing "if you don't stand for something you don't stand for anything," and phrases worse than that) (and by allowing the public rhetoric to throw moderate candidates away) (and by supporting politicians who depend on extreme views and whose inflexibility is precisely what causes the result you mention "we will never resolve or solve our problems"). We, the citizens, must welcome discussion (instead of discarding it) and must honor the principles of those who do, indeed, wish to solve problems.
Chris Miller February 20, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Moderat Republican I believe i noted in my post that the moderates of that time the moderates were principled men in that they were up front on where they stood.i.e. they would like to make a deal to avoid a war and continue trade but if that could not happen they were going to stand for freedom and liberty and would support the revolution. I believe that the statement is "if you don't stand for someting you can be fooled by anything". And I believe that long before Rush Limbaugh. Who are these "extreme politicians" who are inflexible? How about Senator Reid who refuses to pass a budget. I would like you to know that I did support and voted for Dole because I believed him to be an honest man. As for McCain, not so much. I would like you to name some of the great moderates among us. Personally I am getting that feeling that we will not be able to have that conversation and our outlook is not good.
Ben Miller March 15, 2012 at 03:31 PM
If you are the same Chris Miller that is on the Board of Directors for the Nazareth Area School District, you should resign your post immediately. You publically speak about your private bookshelves and said, "you would find Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto in the book cases." Of course you have the right to own whatever you want and think whatever you want, but once you insert that information into the public realm, then WE have the right to talk about it. On a post today, you wrote this statement , "many kids have gone home and told mom and dad guess what, I read a book today that taught me how to avoid a piss test so I can have drugs in my system but will pass the test and get the job any way." Is that the way an educator ought to speak? You think it's appropriate for a Board of Directors member to write "piss test" and go on at length about it?


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