Patch Picks: Five Awesomely Named Local Businesses

What's in a name? Find out with this week's list.

More often than not, business owners opt for an eponymous handle, like , , or . There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, I think it creates an aura of morale around a business, a down-home, friendly type of feeling in patrons. Truth be told, if I owned a restaurant, it would probably be Anthony’s Restaurant.

Some businesses use the name of the locale (i.e. ), or use a family surname (). But then there’s the type that go a little further in their quest for a name.

The road to recognition is paved in odd names, and even though these five are indeed odd, they’re also interesting, and more importantly, local. Check out our Nazareth directory for hours and more information on each. Here goes:

1. – This one is just fun to say. Really, say it out loud. The small food stand is located on Sullivan Trail, adjoined to a gas station, and features delicious burgers, sandwiches and shakes. Outdoor seating is available for the warmer months, or just get it to go. Check out their website for the extensive menu.

2. – A portmanteau of “therapy” and “massage,” this one says it all (and in fewer words). The downtown office specializes in all sorts of hands-on remedies, including deep-tissue, reflexology, shiatsu… you name it, they do it. As long as the name doesn’t rub you the wrong way.

3. – This is one of those “Oh, I see what they did there” moments. Not only is it a clever name, but it’s also a prominent downtown business. Sacred Art does tattoos, custom or a chosen design, as well as touch-ups and body-piercings. I wonder if that’s why their customers have a “holier than thou” attitude. (Trust me, you’ll laugh when you get that.)

4. – I’m a sucker for the portmanteau (see number 2), so Petacular makes the list. I can’t think of this dog and cat groomer without imagining Tony the Tiger telling me, “They’re grrreat!” At least that’s what their customers say. Known for their attention and care, Petacular is another Main Street business with an awesome name.

5.  - Hair salons are chiefly guilty for the dubbing cop-out, most of them opting for the head stylist's or owner's name (like "So-and-So's Salon"). This Main Street parlor went for the pun instead, while at the same time sounding like some sort of psychosis over a new 'do. Shear Envy offers cuts, color, highlights and more, and accepts walk-in clients.


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