Nazareth’s ‘Biggest Loser’: Week Two

Nutrition On Broad closes out the first week of December’s weight-loss challenge.

“It’s been tough” was the general consensus from the participants of weight-loss challenge at Monday night’s weigh-in.

Owner and wellness coach Christine Simpson advised participants of the fat and sodium content packed into snack foods, counseled on the best supplements to use, and gave tips on how to avoid the holiday glut.

“It’s been difficult… with the holidays,” admitted Pat Cosgrove, one of five contestants who agreed to have their . “But it makes you think twice, being in the article!”

Lori Easterday agreed. “Every week we have family parties and gatherings, but I tell myself, ‘No.’ It really puts the pressure on.”

But the news was good: Overall, the 13 challengers who came to Monday’s meeting lost a total of 41.6 pounds.

Only one person in the challenge -- who is not being followed by Patch -- put on pounds this week, which in this competition means paying in. Each weight-loser who gains during the challenge has to pay $1 for each pound, the penalties of which are added to the winner’s earnings at the end.

And here’s a quick note before we get to this week’s results: The photos in our gallery are the same ‘before’ pictures that were taken in Week One. New pictures of the participants will not be included again until the final weigh-in at the end of the month.

Here are the results of this week’s weigh-in (for our five participants):

Donna Burton, who lost 14.4 pounds in the last challenge, is down 7 pounds this week. Her secret is not a secret at all -- she uses health supplements and a regular exercise routine.

“I usually go to the [] four or five times a week for the different classes,” Burton said.

Jeanette Skrapits, unfortunately, was feeling under the weather on Monday and did not make the meeting. A $5 penalty for missing a meeting will go toward the final winner’s earnings.

Lori Easterday, who won the last challenge by losing 31 pounds, is down another 5.4 pounds this week.

Her regimen hasn’t changed since the last challenge; in fact, it’s transitioned smoothly right into this one. She drinks herbal shakes twice a day to replace meals, and has a “sensible dinner.” Along with regular exercise, Easterday is still near the top of this challenge.

Amy Pidgeon was also a no-show at Week Two’s meeting. She was likely caught up in the hustle of the holidays. But we forgive you, Amy -- and so will the challenge winner, when she has an extra $5.

Pat Cosgrove has participated in past challenges, and summed up her experience so far by saying vaguely, “I need to do better.” She seems to be doing just fine -- this week she is down 3 pounds.

“I’ve been trying to stay conscious of my snacking,” said Cosgrove.

Congratulations to all the participants for their collective success! That’s it for Week Two -- except for the foreshadowing comment made by Simpson before the end of Monday’s meeting -- “Week three is usually where people start to get in trouble.”

Check back next week for the challengers’ progress.


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