Nazareth Dog Training Studio Sniffs Out Bigger Space

Let’s Speak Dog Studio will be moving to a Lower Nazareth Township location with a plan for a full-service training center for dog sports.

Let’s Speak Dog Studio is moving from Main Street in downtown to a bigger location in . February is the goal for the grand opening.

Business owner Renee Hall said her studio at 240 S. Main St. was a wonderful place for her pet classes, but her needs have outgrown the location.

Hall currently provides training classes, but not for competitions. She hopes this will all change when she turns her business into a full-service training center for dog sports.

For agility competitions, Hall explained, dogs are required to run an obstacle course.

“It takes a large space for that,” she said.

The new studio will be at 865 Nazareth Pike in the back half of the -- across the way from . It will have 5,000 square feet for Hall to create an obstacle course, complete with a climate-controlled and matted environment.

The obstacle course will have tunnels and structures for the dogs to learn how to crawl through and jump over. And there will be plenty of room for people to play with their dogs, Hall said.

“We’re about fun,” Hall said. “We’re about getting out and doing things with your dog.”

There is a variety of dog competitions, Hall explained. In addition to agility, other competitions include obedience work, tracking and a new competition called Tri-ball, which is like soccer for dogs.

Hall also intends to provide coaching for people interested in doing therapy dog work. These dogs go to places like nursing homes and children’s hospitals.

At her current location, Hall, who is a certified dog counselor for behavioral modification, offers classes for first-time dog owners. In the dog and puppy classes, owners learn proper pet care, house training and manner commands, as well as how to stop nipping or biting, Hall said. For some people, a new dog is like having “a four-footed toddler,” Hall joked.

Another class for newbie dog owners is called Beginner House Manners. This class educates pet owners on how dogs think, Hall said. Owners learn how to interpret a dog’s body language, among other things.

“All of our classes promote the relationship between the dog and the owner,” Hall said.

For people interested in learning more about dog competitions, the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club is hosting an education event in late January, Hall said. The 35th Annual Canine Learning Experience will be held at 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 28 and 29 at the Agricultural Hall in the Allentown Fairgrounds AgriPlex in Allentown.

Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 for seniors, and children 12 and younger are free. More information about the event can be found at www.lvkc.org.

For more information about Hall’s dog training studio, visit www.letsspeakdog.com.

Mary Byrne March 10, 2012 at 04:14 PM
Renee Hall is a phenomenal trainer and the new studio is awesome. The training is great and very rewarding!! The dogs actually look forward to going.


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