Bites Nearby: Potts' Doggie Shop

Nazareth eatery proves it's top dog.

If you don’t think there’s a lot to say about a place that only serves hot dogs, obviously you’ve never had a dog. 

Local debate is heated as to who has the best dogs, but that title was settled this past year when Potts’ was voted best hot dog in the Lehigh Valley by WFMZ's Top Dog Challenge, which pitted them against the likes of Yocco’s and Jimmy’s.

What makes them so popular? It could be that they’re prepared fresh and moist per order. It could be the chili sauce, a hallowed secret family recipe. It could be that Potts’ doesn’t skimp on any of its ten available toppings. Whatever the reason, Potts’ is number one.

The crowd-pleaser is the signature Everything Dog, topped with mustard, onion and chili sauce. My personal favorite is a dog with bacon and cheese; any place that has the gall to put bacon on a hot dog is good in my book.

Potts’ began in 1971 in Bethlehem, opened by William and Evelyn Potts. In 1978, they opened the Nazareth branch, and has since grown to six locations throughout the Valley, all family-owned and operated.

Warren Beahn is remiss in recalling the year he took ownership of the Nazareth branch, but only because Potts’ is in his blood.

“Maybe 20 years now? I’ve been here since I was 15,” he said.

Beahn, a relation to the original proprietors, started with the company 40 years ago at the original Bethlehem location. He estimates that he sells around 4,000 hot dogs a week.

Although hot dogs are the only prepared food offered by Potts’, it also vends Bickel’s and Good’s chips, Lay’s products, ice cream and Pepsi soft drinks.

There is no indoor seating, but the Nazareth location is directly across the street from . It’s not uncommon to see people enjoying their Potts’ on a park bench, unable to wait until they get home to down their dogs.

Potts’ is open Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. until 9 p.m., and is a cash-only establishment. They are located on South Broad Street in downtown Nazareth. Stop by for a dog and help them celebrate their 40th year in business.

Maribel Sanchez March 03, 2011 at 10:36 PM
Potts' Hot Dogs deserve the title! They know that wrapping a hot dog in waxed paper after cooking, no matter how briefly, with improve its taste. Their sauce is also second to none and also has a pleasant aroma. One of the other hot dog competing vendors has a sauce that leaves much to be desired. Their sauce smells like burning pubic hairs and buffalo semen. I will continue to be a regular patron, and I suggest if you haven't tried a Potts' hotdog, go out and pick up a dozen! You'll be glad you did!
93GEO-Metro May 01, 2011 at 08:53 PM
I live less than a block away and have only been in once in over 15+ years. Hot dogs make me belch terribly for 2-3 days after. I avoid them like the plague.


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