Shine a Spotlight on Pa. Breast Cancer Survivors

Pennsylvania's breast cancer survivors are encouraged to share their stories as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each month, the Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition turns the spotlight on a breast cancer survivor living in Pennsylvania and tells her unique story.

Throughout October - in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month - the group encourages all breast cancer survivors to share their experience with those around them.

The coalition says, "Let the sharing of your story be a release for you; motivate others to get the mammogram they’ve been putting off;  reassure someone in the midst of their breast cancer journey. Add your story and your voice to the collective understanding of what life is like for women with breast cancer."

If you’d like to share your story with the PBCC, please email Amy at Amy@PABreastCancer.org. If you are able to tell of your experience in 400 words or less, you may be featured in a future newsletter.

Survivor Patti Kostrubiak says "never listen to anyone’s horror stories. You just take it one day at a time and one treatment at a time. And keep a positive attitude! That’s the biggest thing."


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