Will Case of Teen Suing Parents Become a Fad?

Rachel Canning's case against her parents is said to be unprecedented, according to many legal experts. Is it the start of a copycat situation?

Rachel Canning, 18, currently of Rockaway Township. Photo Credit: Facebook
Rachel Canning, 18, currently of Rockaway Township. Photo Credit: Facebook
By Jason Koestenblatt

One of the stories that got the most attention last week was the case of a Morris County teen filing a lawsuit against her parents seeking Catholic school tuition, living and travel expenses.

Rachel Canning, 18, stopped living at her parents' Lincoln Park home back in October 2013. The Morris Catholic High School senior says she was kicked out; her parents say she left on her own. 

According to court documents, the teen first stayed at the home of her boyfriend, Lucas Kitzmiller, in Mine Hill for two days. She then left and stayed with her friend in Rockaway Township and has been there ever since. That friend, Jaime Inglesino, is the daughter of John Inglesino – former Rockaway Township mayor, former Morris County freeholder and current Parsippany-Troy Hills Township attorney. Inglesino has given Canning the funds to use her own lawyer in the case.

Canning's lawsuit against her parents, Sean and Elizabeth, claimed she was due some form of financial support both presently and a college tuition as the student prepares for enrollment next fall. 

The case was unprecedented and drew media and legal attention from around the globe. In the case's first court appearance, the teen was denied the funds she sought by a judge. A second hearing is scheduled for April 22. 

But will this be the end of it? Will this case give other teens – and lawyers – the idea to pursue their own legal actions against parents or guardians? Is the Canning vs. Canning case just the beginning of what could be copycat lawsuits brought by children? Let us know in the comments.
Kaos8 March 12, 2014 at 11:24 AM
The original story was that she did not want to abide by her parents rules while living under their roof. She moved out on her own accord. She is 18yrs old- she is an adult, she goes to private school and is now living with a well off friend, whose father is an attorney. Parents took the car- that was their car. She CHOSE this option. WHy would her parents have to pay for this stuff. Most of American kids have to work their way through college with jobs or get scholarships or grants. This girl needs a reality check, if not a swift kick in the you know what. Good for her parents for sticking to their guns and not allowing their child to walk all over them. Just because a family has money does not mean that your child should not have morals or know how to earn a buck (in a legal way). And have respect. Too many kids have no idea what it is to do chores or have to do any work. Going to college and private schools is not a given right. It is a priviledge and this little brat needs a taste of reality. Shame on the friend's Father for condoning this law suite and by the way the original article that I saw, indicated that the Law suite Bill is up to $12k, and the plan is that the Parents will be responsible for those legal fees if this brat wins in court. What a CROCK OF CRAP!


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