Patch Picks: 5 Antique Weather Vanes in Nazareth

Check out these 19th century gems that adorn Nazareth's spires.

Once upon a time, before Doppler radar and meteorologists, weather prediction was a very localized, immediate affair, and mostly consisted of careful observation of changes in the environment.

To assist in this endeavor in those days before The Weather Channel were weather vanes. These often beautiful examples of creativity and craftsmanship were not only ornamental; they could help show the direction. And by pointing out which way the wind was blowing, or indicating its sudden change of direction, they could give some idea of coming storms.

All were hand worked, as there was little choice before mechanized mass production.

Once a regular architectural staple, particularly on public buildings and prominent corner residences, much like public clocks, eventually they were mostly abandoned.

These antique beauties are fairly easy to miss if you don't look up, but there are actually quite a few remaining in Nazareth. We took our zoom lens to five -- to get a better look than you'll probably be able to get from the ground, at least without binoculars.


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