Pa. Cities Among Best Places to Grow Old

Several Pennsylvania cities including Reading, Erie, Johnstown and Williamsport have been named "Best Cities for Successful Aging"

Move over, Florida. Choosing where to grow old seems to be an increasingly complex decision, and the Milken Institute, an economic think tank, has given prospective retirees a few more things to think about, with a new study ranking the top U.S. cities for growing old.

In crafting its list of "Best Cities for Successful Aging," the Institute consulted survey results, demographers and various experts in the aging field in compiling a list of 78 factors that contribute to what it calls "successful aging," or an active and productive old age.

These range from cost of living and crime rate to more age-specific criteria such as a city's mean public transport fare.

Pennsylvania cities on the list include Reading, Erie, Johnstown and Williamsport.

In addition to the overall rankings, the Institute ranked cities based on their appeal to people in the 65-to-79 demographic and people over 80, respectively, in recognition that "young aging Americans" may prioritize opportunities to continue working, for example.


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