The Revolving Door Next to Rita's

I see that there is now a bakery/cupcake shop next to Rita's Italian Ice. Please let me be the first to wish the new business owners good luck. The spot has not been very good for other businesses, despite many promises and much hype. 

In 5 years, it was a regular cheesesteak shop, then it became "Steak Out", then it was sold and retained the name under new owners, then it became a hot dog shop called "Snoop's Dogs" and now the bakery. The last proprietor was especially vocal about the business, virtually guaranteeing its success (search Patch for the comments). I question any hot dog business that tried to go against Pott's and Jimmy's...

As for the bakery, I think it is a perfect match for Rita's and I hope they are very successful. My family loves Blondie's in Catty, but it would be awesome to have an equally great place much closer. 


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