Nazareth Community Helping Fire Victims

About quarter after 9am on Wednesday, January 22nd, a fire broke out at the Gregus's family home at 749 Lahr Road in Bushkill Township. The fire quickly spread through the home and by the time the first officers and fire officials arrived at the scene ten minutes later, it was raging out of control. Firefighters from Bushkill Township and 11 surrounding departments responded. 

Conditions were treacherous for everyone involved, with icy roads, a temperature of 1 degree Fahrenheit and a wind chill factor of -13. Thankfully, Robin Gregus and her oldest daughter were able to escape the fire, while husband, Teal Gregus, and their two younger children were not home. The family pets, two dogs and two cats were also saved. The fire was bravely fought by the men and women of those fire departments, but unfortunately, the house and most of its belongings were lost, and the Gregus family was suddenly left homeless in the dead of winter. 

The Nazareth Community has always come together to help our friends, neighbors and families in times of need, and we are doing so again. Please join us and help the family who suffered this terrible fire. Along with the home and it's belonging that were lost, so too were priceless family treasures. While we can not replace those, we CAN stand together and show the Gregus family that we care about them and are here to support them.

Donation containers will be distributed throughout the Nazareth area on January 23rd and future donation efforts will be planned and shared here. If you would like to make a larger donation ($20+) or if you own a local business and are willing to help with a donation (money, merchandise or gift card) or are willing to have a container for financial donations be placed in your business, please contact Ben Miller at amodernphoenix@gmail.com 

100% of all donations will be given to the Gregus family, along with a list of all who donated.

For more information and updates on fundraising efforts, please visit the Facebook fundraiser site- https://www.facebook.com/events/755005647862329/


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